The Château Haut-Lamouthe is 7 km away from Bergerac, on the left bank of the Dordogne Valley. Vines have always grown on this family property.

In 1986, the two brothers Christian and Michel decide to focus on winemaking. They plant more vines and buy more plots.  18 hectares are dedicated to the making of Bergerac Red and Rosé. In 1997, their brother Alain joins them.

Two years later they buy equipment to make on-site wine. Since 2001, they have been using environmental-friendly cultivation practices.

In 2007, Nicolas Pouget, young farmer, joins them following the retirement of his uncle Christian. Then in 2013 Julien Durand does the same, as he takes over from his father Alain.


The vineyard (35 ha) is located on clay-gravel soils. It’s part of the Bergerac Appellation, on the left bank of the Dordogne river, and allows the making of high-quality red, rosé and white wines.


The Château Haut-Lamouthe grows apples but also plums, in order to produce semi-dry prunes. The sales system is unusual : fruit picking in the orchard by the customers themselves. Come and try!


On the left bank of the Dordogne river, in the valley, the place known as La Mouthe is at the contact zone between two facies : the Dordogne middle terrace  and the clay colluvium  from the molasse and limestone hillsides of Monbazillac.