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Apple Juce

Artisanal apple juice available

You can discover our apple juice. Pure product from our orchards.

1l bottle

Certified HVE 3

Michel, Julien & Nicolas

Discover a family story at this vineyard located in the Bergerac area, within the Dordogne Valley, where two generations share a passion for winemaking, work hand in hand and strive for quality.


 The three winemakers Michel Durand, Julien Durand and Nicolas Pouget  love to make great wines on their magnificent terroir. They also produce apples and semi-dry prunes, naturally soft and aromatic.


The Durand family would be thrilled to show you around the vineyard : you are invited to visit and taste the wines. The three winemakers spend their days coming and going between the wine cellar, the orchard and the vineyard, so it’s always best to call before coming!


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