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We produce several varieties. A wide choice of apples to please everyone’s palate!



Before we turn them into prunes, you can also come and buy plums, to eat or to make jam.


Semi-dry prunes

Our plums are dried in hot-air ovens.  Prunes are packaged using the pasteurisation process, as healthy and natural as possible.

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Buy and handpick apples at your local producer’s!

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Château Haut-Lamouthe

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Semi-dry prunes

The semi-dry prunes are produced on our farm from Ente plums harvested when fully ripe. 

A specific dehydration technique allows the flesh to remain very tender and tasty. You need to dry the fruits for 15 hours to get semi-dry prunes, instead of 24 hours for traditional dry prunes. 

With this technique we get semi-dry prunes.Free of colorant, preservatives and  rehydration agents, they are naturally aromatic and soft.

You can keep them for 24 months thanks to pasteurisation.

Our prunes have the label « Saveurs du Périgord ».


After opening, the packaged semi-dry prunes  must be kept in the fridge for good preservation.

Our orchards show beautiful colours through the seasons !

Our orchards adorn themselves with the seasons of the most beautiful colors